How To Train Like An Olympic Champion?

If you are sure to enhance the intensity of your exercise routine to compete for Olympic champions, you are required to have a high level of mental diligence.

Exercising like an Olympic champion requires true impulsiveness and persistence, no matter if you are good at athletics or not. By practicing as an Olympian, you can build up your exercise intensity. By only believing that you are mentally diligent to do so, you can train yourself as a gold medalist.

Hire a workout instructor for yourself:

Hire an instructor to condition and strengthen yourself. It is also one of the most advisable techniques for building up the intensity of the workout. That instructor can assist you to achieve the highest output of workout. If you are not in a position to hire some instructor for you, then take help through social media. What an instructor can do no layman or video can help you, his expertise can help you to be perfect and healthy.

Prepare yourself inwardly to do something to the next level:

If you are fed up, and your workout routine has failed to produce good outcomes, then you need to do something bigger. Your workout instructor will aid you in maintaining a maximum level of motivation and encouragement, but experiencing the level of mental determination required to force yourself to maximum weariness in the gym is completely dependent on you. If you truly want to be as active as an Olympic champion, then you have to pull up heavy weight and run hard. Prepare yourself inwardly for the hardest challenge of moving your body to the maximum. Get advised by a certified personal expert, if you have doubt about the way of performing exercises related to heavy weight lifting.

Stay Hydrated and Rest:

For ensuring your success, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated in between exercising, as well as drinking liquids and taking rest during an intense workout.

It is suggested to intake as much fluid as half of your body weight in ounces, in order, to get results as of the Olympic champions. Generally, this recommendation complements about one hour of proper maximum-intensity workout. If you are up to pull heavy weight, and ready to reach the maximum intensity, it’s significant to take into account the need to consume water frequently throughout the day.

Eat Right and Recover:

A proper diet and enough time for recovery are needed for exercising at a level that forces the rate of your heart to maximum exertion. Your exercise should be divided into various groups of muscle; there should not be only a single group of muscle forced twice within a duration of two days. Your diet should include lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and reduced intake of fat. Carbohydrates will be used by your body for the provision of energy during the workout, and your consumed protein will be used for recovery. For most of the regular goers of the gym, consumption of a proper diet is the main thing to focus on; it is not an easy job. But, if you are mentally prepared to exercise as a gold medalist does, you should be able to stick to a proper and strict diet throughout the day.

How to Build Muscles?: The Definitive Guide to Building Muscle


To get stronger is the key to building muscles. Same workouts, again and again, cannot transform your physique. The simple way is to lift heavy weights and to move on to harder successions of workouts. The heavy training will produce better results as compare to the light training.

In ancient Greece, Milo the wrestler became the strongest man and won the Olympics too by carrying on his back every day a newborn calf, and as the calf grows heavier and muscular, so was Milo becoming muscular and stronger too. It shows that adding weight by slowly and gradually will add in building more muscles and making the strong body too.

Compound Exercises:

There are different types of compound exercises which are as follows

  • Military Presses
  • Incline Presses
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Rows
  • Loaded Carries
  • Sled Work

Try getting strong on these compound exercises and gradually add weight and reps. In these compound exercises, you use all your muscles like chest muscles, arms and triceps too. The men who can deadlift 500lb can never have skinny arms but strong muscular arms. Stronger trees always have the large trunk and big branches. For building muscles, always opt for compound exercises instead of isolation exercises.

  • Barbell Rows will give you an ultimate result of bigger biceps instead of doing curls.
  • Bench Press is the best option for having bigger chest instead of doing dumbbells.
  • Overhead Press for bigger shoulder instead of front raises.
  • Deadlift for bigger back instead of lat pulldowns
  • Squat for bigger legs instead of leg extensions.

Compound exercises will help you in achieving more balanced physique because you concentrate on different body muscles instead of one, so it helps in burning more calories and hence get a complete body workout with few exercises. More muscle is built while fat is burned with no wastage of time.

Free Weights instead of Smith machine: For building strong muscles, free weights should be used as these are harder and are far better than the smith machine. The smith machine helps you in balancing the weight while free weights cannot, instead you, yourself have to balance body weight. Muscle activation in free weight squat is 43% more than Smith machine squats. Free weights are safer too as it let the natural movement of knees, shoulder, and back.  Try to start with the light weight and then slowly add a little weight to every workout.

Train Your Muscles: The muscle will grow faster if you train it frequently. Benching and squatting should be practiced twice a week at least. Instead of getting pumped and sore, ponder on adding weight and build your muscles stronger.

Take Off:  Everyday workout will not give you an immense result, instead of giving a three or four days break will give you strong muscles. If you are a natural lifter than doing gym thrice a week will give you best muscle building result.

Proper diet: You need to take good diet, including fruit, vegetable, grains, meat, etc. as your muscles need energy, so you need to eat more. Having 200g protein per day is essential for building your muscles. Take a gallon of water too to prevent from dehydration and headache. Try to be patient.

A Guide For Boxers to Make Their Own Diet Plan

Boxing requires lots of power and energy. Strength comes from what you eat and what your diet is. Boxers should ensure healthy meals on right time to improve their abilities and strength. Diet planning is different for all people. If it works for someone does not mean it will work for you too. But some things remain as general which work for all so plan your own diet according to your body. Every person has different body metabolism rate, and you will have to plan your diet according to your body type.


On the following guidelines, you will be able to create your own diet:

How much should you eat?

You should eat five to seven times a day to keep your energy level high. You will store more glycogen which is where you get your energy. By doing this, you will fully recover your energy before bed time and this will assist you to build or repair muscles and will provide power for the next day.

Drink water

You should be drinking plenty of water. Very few people drink enough water so you should be drinking more water but be careful, too much water at a time can lead to water intoxication. You should be sipping water all the times. You are working really hard, and exercising causes sweating so keep yourself hydrated as your body is 75% water, so it needs that. People complain that drinking more water causes you to pee more. Obviously, it removes toxins from your body, and it is a good thing for you.

Take carbohydrates

Carbs are the main thing of your diet. You should take 50 to 65 percent of carbs in your daily consumed total calories. In the presence of carbohydrates fats burn and it will make your body figure well. Eat brown rice, whole grain breads, pasta and sweet potatoes. Also, include fruits in your diet. They will act as antioxidants which are crucial to the nutrition plan.

Avoid sugar

It will be hard for you to know that sugar is a poison. It disturbs your hormones which cause obesity, and you will be gaining fats not muscles. So you must avoid sugar that means no cakes, brownies, muffins, doughnuts and almost everything you can get from a bakery. Sugar is useless to your nutrition, and it has no role. It just is harmful to you, and you will be unable to make your diet plan if you include sugar in it. Instead of sugar take fruits which have fructose instead of glucose.

Proteins intake

Proteins are really necessary for muscle building. It must be 20 to 30 percent of your daily intake. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles which help in muscle building and muscle repairing. Chicken, fish, eggs, beef are good sources of protein. You should also take dietary fats by consuming flax, nuts and nut butter.

Pre-boxing drinks and food

You must stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas. Drink milk as it is also good for you. Take proteins which you can get from eggs, chicken, beef, fish and eggs. You may take protein supplements. Take meals which have carbohydrates. Take vegetables and fruits and also you need fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6. They regulate hormonal production.

Follow Health Tips And Floyd Mayweather Supplements

Floyd Mayweather is a popular name in the world of boxing as he has won several championships in the five different weight divisions. He was doing very well in the boxing but at a certain point of time he had started putting on weight that made it difficult for him to perform well in the sports. So, he took help from his fitness expert and the trainer to get the right solution for weight loss. Thankfully, he started working out for shredding off weight from his body. Along with the regular intense workout plan he followed the other weight loss measures and surprisingly within few days, he has been able to get back to his well toned body.

Secret supplement for the boxer

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Provide antioxidants to your body

Antioxidants are helpful in making your body fit and healthy.  There are lots of natural sources of antioxidants that help in formation of the new blood cells which improve the blood circulation. When the oxygenated blood is supplied to different parts of the body it helps in removing the toxins from your body that are responsible for making you ill and feel fatigued after doing some physical work. Superior Muscle X is a great supplement that is rich in antioxidant and has the ability to increase the muscular power of the person.

Opt for the cardio exercise

According to this great boxer legend, cardio exercises are of great help in increasing the sustainability power of the person. It makes you stronger and increases your ability to stay in the boxing ring for longer time duration. Cardio workout for about 45 minutes daily can help to get the toned and flat muscles. It increases the blood circulation in your cardiovascular system that increases the strength of the heart muscles and makes you stronger. It also improves the blood circulation in your heart for better health.  Combining the intake of antioxidant supplements and cardio exercise will help in boosting your overall muscular endurance and improve your athletic performance.