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Who We Are


Espacio Migrante is a binational community organization based in Tijuana, which works with migrant communities to promote access to Human Rights, such as education and health; provide comprehensive care and at the same time raise awareness in the community about the realities of migrants. Espacio Migrante has a shelter for migrant families, as well as a cultural and community center where migrants living in Tijuana can participate in community activities, educational programs, cultural events, and health and legal services.



Our mission is to create a safe space where migrants can weave community, access educational and cultural programs and receive comprehensive support in their migration process. Likewise, to defend and promote Human Rights, social, racial and gender justice in migrant communities, through cultural and community dialogue.



That the border be a sanctuary of human rights, cultural dialogue and opportunities for migrant communities.


Our History

Espacio Migrante was born in 2012 as a group of young women who sought to provide educational tools for the migrant community. In 2015 we became a civil association in Mexico under the name Espacio Migrante A.C. And in 2016 we were established as a non-profit organization in California, United States, becoming a binational organization that works on both sides of the Mexico-US border. In 2019 we opened the doors of our shelter for migrant families, as well as the Espacio Migrante Cultural and Community Center.

What We Do

Our Mission

We work mainly in the following areas: Education, Human Rights, Cultural Exchange, Orientation and Social Work, Community Organization and Advocacy.


Human Rights 
We host workshops so that migrants can know their rights as human beings, the rights that protect the migrant population in Mexico, and how to access them, or make a complaint when these rights are violated.


Legal Accompaniment

We understand that legal accompaniment is necessary for people who can’t resolve their migration cases due to the complexity of the administrative procedures, the language barrier and lack of translators in the National Institute of Migration in Mexico, misinformation, etc. That is why Espacio Migrante accompanies migrants during these procedures and at the same time carries out advocacy work to achieve changes in the practices of the National Institute of Migration and other responsible institutions.


Migrant Diversity

The LGBTQ community is one of the most vulnerable groups in migration, because some of the leading causes why they have to migrate is because of the lack of support, the discrimination and persecution they face in their homeland due to their identity and gender. Migrant Diversity is a project to safeguard and ensure the protection of the human rights of all diverse sexualities with a focus on the LGBTQ people in the process of migration.


Language Classes: We offer Spanish and English classes for migrants, as well as Haitian Creole and French for the general public.


Revalidation of studies: We offer support in the process of revalidation of school documents from other countries and offer free translation and acompainment.


University Support: We offer free courses for the entrance exam to the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), we also orient migrants and help them to access programs and scholarships in private universities such as Cetys and University of Tijuana, CUT. We are working to create inclusion strategies for migrants in regional universities.



Educational Workshops: We offer workshops and classes that provide tools for migrants, such as computer classes and new technologies. We also consider that education is a constant dialogue, for which we have created a Reading Club to promote conversations about racism, gender equity, and other topics, fostering the exchange of experiences and different points of view.

Cultural Exchange


Miradas Fronterizas: Miradas Fronterizas is our annual multidisciplinary cultural and artistic festival dedicated to the theme of Migration. It is held every year with the aim of addressing migration from the perspectives of migrants through art and culture.


Celebrations of significant dates for Migrants

Since 2013, we have celebrated important dates for the migrant community, such as our Annual Celebration of the Day of the Dead with Migrants, music, poetry and the creation of altars; the Commemoration of the International Migrants Day on December 18th and the World Refugee Day on June 20th, among other significant dates for different migrant communities.



Cultural Nights: Our cultural nights help weave community together through the exchange, appreciation, and celebration of the culture, food, music, and dance of the groups that reflect the diversity of Espacio Migrante.



Digital Narratives

Digital Narratives are videos made by narrators who give testimony of their story in first person, the essence of the project is for them to maintain control of their personal story and access the tools that grant the freedom to be their own storytellers. Espacio Migrante is doing this joint project with the collective Sur Sur from Chile. The narratives are made by Haitian migrants who live in Tijuana, Mexico and Santiago de Chile, with the purpose of sharing their migration experiences and finding commonalities among the Haitian diaspora in different countries.


Support for the Art Projects of Migrants

Espacio Migrante supports emerging artists within the migrant community by hosting spaces and platforms for their artistic projects, as well as fundraising, promotion , etc. In 2017 and 2018 we collaborated in editing the book "Survivors, Citizens of the World" by the Haitian writer and organizer of Espacio Migrante, Ustin Pascal Dubuisson. We also promote the activities of the Haitian dance academy Mosaico de México (MOME) from the dancers Sherline Vramblin and Jean Denis Louis, whom are also members of our Board of Directors.

Community and Advocacy

Community: One of Espacio Migrante’s main activities are the community meetings we host every week. These meetings began with the Haitian youth that wanted to continue their studies in Tijuana, but has now expanded to cover topics such as health, employment, housing, access to education, harassment by the police, among other topics called "Community Concerns".

Advocacy: Following through with our conversations with the community, meetings have been held with government offices, educational institutions and civil society organizations in Tijuana to have an impact at the local level and open doors for the migrant community. Espacio Migrante and its migrant members have met with the State Human Rights Commission, Municipal DIF, the State Educational System, the National Institute of Migration, the Autonomous University of Baja California, the State Council of Migrant Assistance, among other institutes and organizations. In each meeting, the aim is not only to have an impact in favor of public policies with the goal of  inclusion and perspective of Human Rights, but also to develop the participation and leadership among migrants in these spaces.



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